EpiGram 1.10

Simple graphic utility to produce simple diagrams and flowcharts

EpiGram is a simple graphic application that allows you to produce simple diagrams and flowcharts with very little effort. Initially devised to represent epidemiological contact patterns (hence the name) and their relation to social networks, EpiGram can actually be used by anyone to produce any type of diagram and process or decision-making flowcharts, provided that you keep them simple.

Since its first release, EpiGram has been enhanced with new sets of symbols, multi-line text label support, and some other neat features that make it suitable for drawing more than just epidemiological and social network diagrams. Its simple interface offers you a clean dotted canvas for you to add your shapes and lines. It works as a free-hand tool, though all you actually need to do is choose a shape, click on a point in the canvas and drag your mouse until it reaches the desired size. You can add text to any box and change its background color. Regrettably, you will need to open the settings dialog every time you want to change the type of box you will be using, but the program’s simplicity and the good quality of the resulting diagrams will compensate for all the fuss.

The diagrams and flowcharts you create using EpiGram can be easily exported as Windows Metafile Format images that you can then embed in web pages, business reports, and PowerPoint presentations (to name but a few).

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simplicity of use
  • Produces good-quality diagrams with very little effort


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